The following videos offer techniques you can use to help yourself. Put them to work for you.

  • Introduction to Judith Sullivan

    Welcome to “You Only Have Your Body—Get to Know It!” Watch these videos for easy, effective exercises to feel better.

  • The Energy Effect NEW

    See how ZB affects energy and structure in the body and how the ZB principles can affect your understanding of the restrictions in your life.

  • Lymph Work for Sinuses

    This is an easy fast way to improve the lymph flow from your head back into your body. Congestion in the head can be due to stress in the neck and shoulders. This very light work is the easiest and most enjoyable way to get things moving.

  • Eight Pointed Star

    The Eight-Pointed Star helps release the tension in our digestive system, the roots of which can cause low back pain, headaches and other difficulties. The valves of the digestive system work like the joints of the body—a place that movement can get stuck. Also, working the star very lightly can aid sleep.

  • Breathe

    Breathing techniques you can use.

  • Temporal Slide for Stress Relief

    An easy to do technique you can do to relieve stress.

  • Relationship with your medicines.

    How to develop a relationship with your medicines so that they can work with your body for your highest good.

  • Our Head and Tail Connection

    Judith describes the connection between the sacrum and the occiput and how an injury to one affects the other.

  • A New Way to Work With the Scapula

    Judith talks to bodyworkers to suggest working with the scapula in a new way to relieve difficult-to-solve shoulder issues with clients that don't seem to resolve easily.

  • The Sacrum and Illium Relationship

    Judith describes the working of the sacroiliac joint and discovers that there is more to it!

  • Tapping for Better Health

    The lymph system is a main protector of our health. Keeping the lymph moving is of great importance. In addition to walking and exercise, tapping the body is an excellent way to keep the lymph from stasis.

  • Falling Safely

    Falling has some problems for our bodies and so does getting up from a fall. Learn some simple clues to keep yourself safer. Please show your friends this video!

  • Visceral Manipulation: Working with the Organs

    Work with the organs may seem different. Learn how a gentle touch can positively affect the function and energy of the organs.

  • Prostate Health

    Learn a simple way to help your prostate stay healthy.

  • Babies and Nursing

    Sometimes it is the baby and not the mom that needs help with nursing. With very gentle cranial movements, very small adjustments can help the baby to nurse more easily.

  • The Art of Touch